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World Bank donates books to schools

The World Bank, through the Institutional Reform and Capacity Building Project (IRCBP), has donated a huge quantity of teaching and learning materials to some schools in Kono and Kenema districts.
The chairman of the occasion, Peter Thomas who is also the Deputy Director of Education East (DDE), expressed sincere gratitude for the donation saying that the “gesture is timely.”
Earlier in his welcome address, the deputy chief administrator of the Kenema district council, CPJ Kallon, thanked the IRCBP official from Freetown for making it possible to deliver the materials.
The deputy chairman of the Kenema District Council, Alusine Sheriff on behalf of the council, thanked  President Kabbah for delivering services to his people.
He promised that the donated materials would be used for their intended purposes.
Giving a background on the book project the regional coordinator of the centralization secretariat, Amara Sowa, said “the project is called the World Bank Family Project which is geared towards implementing such facilities to Africa as and when necessary”.
He said Lower Bambara Secondary School’s application was the first to be received and that they were the first to benefit from the project.
A contribution was also made by the deputy mayor of the Kenema District Council, Margaret Siaka.
The vote of thanks was moved by the chairman education committee of the Kenema District Council, Simeon Gauja.

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