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British research biologist visits Gola Forest

A British research biologist for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Dr Jeremy Lindsell, has paid a one day visit to the Gola Forest and its communities to familiarize himself with the guards and inhabitants.
He encouraged the community people to continue protecting the forest for the benefit of all and the generation yet unborn.
The Gola Forest, covering an area of about 74,000 hectares in the eastern and southern regions of Sierra Leone, is found within the chiefdoms of Koya, Gaura, Tunkia and Nomo in the Kenema district, Malema in Kailahun district and Makpele and Bari in the Pujehun district.
During Dr Lindsell’s visit he went to Pewa village, one of the communities of the Gola family in Makpele chiefdom, where he got in touch with the schoolteacher and some of the community leaders. The people gave him a traditional hero’s welcome, which he said he appreciated. 
On the RSPB, he told our reporter that, “it works for a healthy environment rich in birds and wildlife. It depends on the support and generosity of others to make a difference. We research problems, campaign for solutions, manage nature reserves, and we educate and advise others in the UK and abroad.”
The Gola Forest, which is home to many rare animals, birds and plants, is a national treasure of Sierra Leone. It is being protected by government’s policy.

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