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AIC continues to be a success story

Aureol Insurance Company (AIC) is celebrating its two-decade-old success story in Sierra Leone’s insurance industry since its inception on 1st January 1987.
The company is the first indigenous public company in Sierra Leone and stands today as the leading insurance company in offering a wide range of services.When the company was launched its founding fathers intended to fill the gap created by the cessation of business by two British insurance companies: Guardian Royal Assurance and Northern Assurance.
At the time it seemed like an uphill task but today the success of the institution is a clear manifestation of the achievement of the goals set by its founding fathers.
With an asset base of over Le15 billion and total equity of Le8.5 billion, Aureol has consistently paid dividend to its shareholders.
Aureol Insurance stands majestically as the premier insurance company owned and managed by Sierra Leoneans. The reason for the company’s appeal is the fact that it is a home grown success story.
It has built a solid record as its assets, revenues, reserves and profitability have continued to grow year after year as well as its strong reputation to pay claims promptly.
The company’s reputation even transcends the shores of Sierra Leone as a world class insurer, delivering excellent services to its customers and adding shareholders’ value.
At 20, the Aureol Insurance Company continues to make great strides as it possesses quite an impressive array of talented board members, management and staff whose stewardship and direction the company is benefiting from.

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