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Disabled calls for national disabled act

 There are certain rights, facilities and privileges which disabled people do not enjoy simply because there are no laws enshrined in the country’s constitution to cater for them.
There is no law on policy protection of the rights of the disabled.
A typical example is the Youyi Building which has nine floors and a single elevator. In a situation where there is no electricity (which is most times the case) and this single elevator is not functioning, how does one expect a cripple with his crutch or a blind man to go up to the sixth floor?
Mohamed Turay, a disabled, disclosed that “it is only in this country that we are marginalized and are not given proper health care and sometimes when some of us graduate from colleges or universities, we do not get employment just because we are disabled.”
Mr Turay said there were no facilities and structures in the country to accommodate them, and that they were faced with lots of discriminations.
He proposed that there should have been special public transport system for them in the country.  
“Sierra Leone is a signatory to the UN Convention on persons with disabilities but our leaders have not said anything about it, which is a clear sign that they don’t want to domesticate it,” he noted. 
The disabled, according to Mohamed Turay, needed a national act that would guarantee them a better living standard in the country as “in other countries where the disabled are protected by laws”.

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