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Berewa predicts prosperity under his helm

Vice President Solomon Berewa says in his party manifesto that Sierra Leone will be very prosperous under his helmsmanship.
“Like all Sierra Leoneans and friends of this beloved country, I would like to see Sierra Leone become a modern society, where the tragic consequences of bad policies, corruption and abject poverty are bad souvenirs of the past. We must march on to this vision of a society that cares for the vulnerable, the weak and the defenseless; a society that provides opportunities for those ready to apply themselves and improve their conditions; where the rule of law protects the rights of all and at the same creates the environment where wealth can be created with fairness and without injustice.; and above all that prepares its youth for taking over the mantle of a leadership that is responsible, a leadership that is proud of its country,” he states.
Continuing, he notes that, “the time has come for this country to take its place in the wider global community not as a permanent case for charity, but as a dynamic example of peace, growth and prosperity using the resource endowments that we have inherited. To do so we will embrace the new technologies now available, we will adopt modern management systems, and we will reform our production and trade patterns.
“In the next five years I will focus on economic expansion; I will work tirelessly to increase the incomes of the poor and reduce the obvious inequalities that now characterize our society and that promote tensions and instability. The agenda for doing this is outlined in the pages of this document. Empowering and training the youth, creating the space for women to release their enormous potential for enhancing the welfare of our citizenry, expanding agriculture, increasing rural transportation, intensifying support to the private sector, providing energy not only in urban but also in rural areas, fighting corruption; are some of the key components of [my] agenda”.
Mr Berewa stresses that he is determined to lead this country on the path towards prosperity. “I am asking all progressive Sierra Leoneans to join me in this march. We will succeed only if we marshal all our resources towards one objective, making Sierra Leone a successful, peaceful and prosperous nation.  Together as one people we can do it. Whether you are in the country or in the Diaspora I need your support. The country needs your commitment. In this march forward we will raise the ranking of Sierra Leone in the Human Development index, and other indices; we will improve the chances of this country attaining the targets of the Millennium Development Goals; and above all we will give hope to our youth especially the women, that the peace is here to stay and that jobs and prosperity are the new targets for our onslaught”.

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