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Kenema police brace up for run-off

The police in Kenema are now making security arrangements for the presidential run-off. At a meeting held over the weekend at the regional police headquarters, the regional crimes officer Samuel Sanie Sesay encouraged all political parties to discourage the new trend of tribalism that “is about to creep into Sierra Leone political landscape”.
He added that such practice would damage the intention of political leaders.
He called on every one to play the political ball according to the rules, saying that “the international bodies are the referees watching the game”.
In his contribution the local unit commander, Vincent Nabieu, said they intended asking for the corporation of political parties in providing security during and after the presidential run-off.
The assistant Inspector General of Police east, Elizabeth Turay, said there was generally high level of public cooperation with the police during the first round of the elections.
She called for similar conduct in the presidential run-off, saying that “tribalism is the worst conflict on earth and we all must go out to avoid it”.

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