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Civil Society jaw-jaw in Kenema

Members of the Civil Society Alternative Process of Sierra Leone (CSAP-SL) have met in Kenema city in a triennial delegates’ conference to move forward Sierra Leone’s development agenda.
The meeting took place at the Kenema District Council (KDC) hall along Maxwell Kobe Street.
The chairman of the ceremony, Abu Brima of the Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), said the two-day conference would look at the work of the civil society in recent years and to decide the activities for the coming years. 
He stated that civil society in the country had an important role to play in the development of Sierra Leone, and that “our job is to contribute to make the country politically, economically and socially develop”.
The national coordinator of the Collective Leadership (COL), Falla Ensa N’dayma, stated that, “CSAP is an active group in Sierra Leone formed to address bad governance, corruption, and other ills of society”. 
Priorities of CSAP-SL in the coming years were laid out, which those present vowed to accomplish.

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