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Traffic Boss must shut it!!!

Last Friday was a hectic day in itself and the usual heavy traffic being the first Friday after Ramadan was expected. Along with at least eight funerals at Kissy road cemetery alone, it was no joke going through Kissy road and back into town especially with the compliments of the heaven crying bitterly, maybe for the many dead after the soul cleansing Ramadan period.
However with all this it was disheartening to observe the traffic wardens and the traffic police conduct themselves (if not for courtesy sake one would say st***d) unbecoming manner.
We expect that those who control traffic or attempt to do so would at least have had some sort of training if not from a true professional but an experienced traffic official before venturing into the streets to control traffic. Sadly though this however does not seem to be the case.
We watched as two bungling traffic wardens stationed at Mountain Cut junction mixed up the whole traffic system causing untold misery for motorists. Between the two traffic wardens, one was calling traffic coming into town from up Kissy road, while the other was calling traffic from mountain cut coming into Kissy road. This seemed okay until for no discernible reason, after two cars from the Mountain Cut end, the other traffic warden stopped the other car in line and started calling from the Kissy road end going towards up-gun. As this was going on, the other traffic warden had moved a bit down the line and was urging the traffic from Mountain cut to move quickly. Ofcourse this caused a blockage, because the two officers had no coordination and the cars ended up in the middle of the road and neither could move.
The worst part of it was that the traffic trying to go through Kissy road had stopped not only at Clock tower but was stretching though the entire Goderich Street, Rokel Street and right down to post office. Ofcourse there were no fewer than four traffic police officials at east end Police junction who seem bent on collection of tips than controlling traffic.
This is how the bungling of traffic officials cause misery for motorists in this country. This may be just one example, but along Pademba road we have observed the traffic police at the Campbell street junction calling traffic to flow into Pademba road while the one stationed at Dundas street/Pademba road would stop the traffic which had been called by the other official and start calling from Dundas street. Obviously this allows as few as three cars to move at any one time just because the traffic officials lack any coordination or some would say common sense.
With this sort of traffic control even if we widen all the roads in this country, there will still be traffic jams. Perhaps the solution is traffic lights, but with erratic power outages how reliable will traffic lights be? Till then we most politely caution the boasting Traffic boss to please stop abusing our intelligence by claiming successes in traffic management. He should just S*** U*!
Lastly we say congratulations to Leone Stars with all the disheartening football politics flowing around this is a welcome victory to help lift the economic gloom. Congrats and kudos to you all.

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