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That Bollore traffic

It has become a norm now in this country that foreigners can come and treat the citizens in any way they like and nobody says anything. In fact when people raise their voices they tag them as anti-establishment.
This is what is happening now along Savage square where trailers have practically stopped any through traffic between the Cline Town turntable and Savage Square along Fourah Bay Road.
The trailer drivers claim that before now they used to park inside the quay and wait for customers. This had proved to be no major problem. But the new company Bollore has now changed the rules.
We acknowledge that change is a difficult thing to implement, because it takes away people’s confidence in themselves and that people do whatever is necessary to conform to new rules. However this does not mean that people must accept what they know will not work?
The Bollore people might think that this is the best way for them to exercise their total control of the Quay. So far this has not worked and it would be foolhardy for anyone to claim success over such a widely unacceptable move.
This is why we say that foreigners have a field day in this country, because they cannot allow their new restrictions to contribute to practically closing down part of Fourah bay road. We say so because forcing the trailers to park outside of the quay and on the road, it only serves to add to the confusion which is called traffic, but it also puts pressure on the other streets who now have to accommodate more vehicles.
We believe that Bollore must reconsider its stance and help ease the trafiic system in that part of the east end.

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