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LUKOIL opens Salone office today

London Listed Russian oil giant LUKOIL will today open its office in Sierra Leone, Pavel Bogomolov told journalists yesterday. The energy giant entered into Sierra Leone’s emerging oil industry through Oranto and together with its partners including Oranto own exploration Block SL-5.
LUKOIL is a fully private, vertically integrated company which produces 20% of Russia’s entire daily crude oil production indicated at over 10 million barrels.
Speaking to the press yesterday Pavel Bogomolov Country Representative LUKOIL Overseas Ghana Ltd disclosed the presence of the company in forty countries. The company he went on “is a pioneer in Russia for moving business to foreign countries”
LUKOIL is fully engaged in exploration activities in thirteen countries and has the strategic goal aimed at producing crude oil outside Russia. It is heavily engaged in the exploration, acquisition, integration and subsequent efficient development of oil and gas fields outside the Russian Federation.
The company already has what Bogomolov described as “three operation points” in the gulf of Guinea. It has an office in Ghana, Ivory Coast and now Sierra Leone. The Company has dug 5 wells so far in the gulf of Guinea, three in Ivory Coast and two in Ghana.
Pavel Bogomolov who is motivated by the Anadarko discoveries, said “what is happening in Sierra Leone is promising”.
LUKOIL intends to start drilling work in Sierra Leone soon. The Sierra Leone office will be

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