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Sierra Leone News: Reminisce the good old days in ‘Old School reunion 2016’

old schoolIndeed, school days are the best but not the happiest; that is why pupils are often craving to leave school, but once they’ve left and started working, bam! Nostalgia slowly creeps in.
Work life and family topsy-turvies often leave us longing for the glorious golden school days when we were so young, innocent and free.
Realizing this nostalgic yearning for the old school days, Priority Solutions is coming up with its maiden annual Old School Reunion 2016 event on Saturday 12th March at the Siaka Stevens Stadium Perimeter.
This event would bring together past pupils from different schools in Sierra Leone to represent their schools in a funfair to socialize and network.
Imagine a platform to reconnect with most of your mates and relive those old school moments again in grand style: the funny nicknames, the interesting teacher, that weird mates, the wicked seniors and strict teachers, the fun and excitement.
Fancy, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament, Chernor Bah clad in St Edwards Secondary School’s uniform, mimicking Sir Rob’s (former Principal) iconic shout “Yeah Yo look!”
Well! Old School Reunion 2016 is going to bring back all those interesting memories and also create opportunity for old mate to reconnect and network.
At this event current pupils will have the opportunity to meet with their predecessors and together have loads of fun.
There would be fun activities such as Special Attendance Check (Roll calling) just as it used to be done; School Anthem singing and performance with the school’s band; nick name competition; beauty and swag from the past; best dressed, best swag; bragging rights; talent challenge and mimic challenge. Come and be part of it.
Friday March 04, 2016

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