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‘Anti Corruption Commission is irrelevant’ – NDA President

Alhaji Amadu Jalloh, the presidential leader of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA),  on Friday at their party’s Duke Street headquarters in Freetown informed journalists that “the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is irrelevant and a duplication which makes the Audit Department  not necessary”.
 He noted that, “if I take over government after the elections I will not continue with the ACC because there are some corrupt practices reported to them and at the end of the day the reports would be dumped in the dustbin of parliament”.
Alhaji Amadu Jalloh stated that this country needed a president “who is honest, dedicated and accountable to the people and the NDA is going to give the people just that”.  He added that the NDA was stronger and prepared than other political parties in the country.
The presidential flagbearer maintained that the just concluded registration process conducted by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) was satisfactory though there were fraud in some parts of the country by political parties’ supporters. 
Mr Jalloh also said he had confidence in NEC and Christiana Thorpe to conduct free and fair elections.
He noted that, “if the election is free, fair and transparent then there would be everlasting peace in the country which will attract investors”.
Giving an update of his party, he noted that “the NDA’s leadership style is distinctive as it’s non regional, non tribal, non religious, non sectional and free from corrupt practices”.
On security, the presidential flagbearer pointed out that the NDA would focus on practical strategies that would ensure a peaceful coexistence among Sierra Leoneans.  
He assured the press that, “if I win the elections there will be freedom of the press and freedom of information”. 
Alhaji Jalloh disclosed that he had offices in all the districts in the country, according to the law of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) Act.
Commenting on the date of the elections, he said he was not pleased with it because July “is a month when the rain falls heavily and at this time people in the provinces will be busy tending to their crops.”
Giving a background on the party, Sulaiman Thomas said the party was formed in 1995 in Kabala, Koinadugu district in the Northern Province, and noted that the party first contested the 1996 elections. 
Mr Thomas added that, “the symbol of the party is white, green and black with a black elephant which represents strength, humility and peace, while the white represents love and the green agriculture”.   
The Public Relations Officer, Issa Bah, called on all  patriots to give their support to them to ensure victory come July 28, adding that the NDA as a political party was in readiness to contest the 2007 elections.  
Earlier on in his opening remarks the chairman of the occasion, Albert Abu, said “NDA is a party that is not pointing fingers at any political party but striving to create our way through the elections.”
He added that the party was not only meant for the Fullahs but Sierra Leoneans who believed in change. He added that, “the Fullahs have not only contributed economically to the country but have added values to it

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