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Norman died of Natural Causes

 Barely one month after the death of Chief Samuel Hinga Norman, the Special Court yesterday made public the autopsy result.
According to the report, Chief Norman died of natural causes from a myocardial infarction. This report was finalised this week after receipt of the results of toxicology tests.
The post-mortem was conducted on March 5 by a four-member team of pathologists and medical experts led by Prof. Mendes of Senegal. One of the experts was selected by the Special Court and one by the government of Sierra Leone.
Among the family members who were present when the autopsy was conducted were former Vice President Dr Albert Joe Demby, a medical doctor also observed the autopsy on behalf of the Norman family.
The Special Court’s Dr Donald Harding and a medical officer were also in attendance as observers.
The late Chief Sam Norman was taken to Hôpital Aristide Le Dantec, a military hospital in Dakar, Senegal, in January for a routine medical procedure.
The procedure was performed successfully on February 8 and on February 22, the former war crimes indictee collapsed in his hospital room and was never revived by the doctors.
To find the real cause of his death, on February 22 the Special Court’s registrar Lovemore Munlo SC ordered an inquest into Norman’s death.
A separate inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his death was ordered by the President of the Special Court, Justice George Gelaga-King. That inquiry is being conducted by Justice Renate Winter of Austria.
A copy of the autopsy report has been sent to Norman’s family and the results of the toxicology tests will now be made available to them.

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