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NUSS discusses its role for July 28

The National Union of Sierra Leone Students (NUSS) has met at the Dr Tejan Kabbah Hall, at the Eastern Polytechnic campus in Kenema, to discuss its role in the July 28 elections.
The students met with key stakeholders in the community to make agreements so that they could contribute to the elections in a positive and peaceful way.
A lecturer at the Eastern Polytechnic, M.A.J.Bockarie who chaired the conference, said “students are a force to reckon with as they are capable of taking a positive action for national development”.
He encouraged them to debate issues on national development, saying that “governance is all about development and peace”. 
Michael Kulanda, who is the president of the Eastern Polytechnic Students’ Union, stated that stakeholders should clearly define the role of students in the elections because demonstrations and strike actions were not the only things which students cared about but that they were also thinking of positive change.

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