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NPA, Sierratel to be privatized

The flag bearer of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), Alhaji Amadu B Jalloh, has echoed that if he wins the presidential seat after the elections he would privatize the National Power Authority (NPA) and the Sierra Leone Telecommunications (Sierratel) and other public institutions.
He said, “private enterprises make more revenue than public enterprises. And a private enterprise is more important than that of the public enterprise which is not profitable”.
The leader compared the private enterprise in the United States where there are more private enterprises than public ones which has led to massive  investment there than Sierra Leone.
Mr Amadu Jalloh noted that, “light, water and good road network boom industrialization and industries can provide jobs and it will increase the standard of living in a country”.
He maintained that if he took office from the present government, he would concentrate on local products within the country.
Commenting on the poor utilities of the country, he said he felt embarrassed when he saw people fetching water in wells at the heart of the city.
On the supply of electricity, he said he would focus on the Western Area than all other parts of the country, adding that “lack of water and electricity supply is an impediment to industrialization”.
On education, he promised to make some improvements especially on the education of the girl child in rural areas. He also said he would improve on the sanitation and inprove the standards of living of college students.
The NDA leader pointed out that he would improve on the levels of these colleges tremendously by giving out scholarships and providing learning materials for them.

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