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Police receives 50 minted Officers in Kenema

 Receiving 50 newly recruited police officers at the Kenema Police Division, the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) East, Elizabeth Turay, welcomed them to the eastern region and described them as newborn babies with no stain or dirt.
She noted that as they had gone through 16 weeks of intensive training, they were back into their communities to do another eight weeks as part of their duties.
AIG Elizabeth Turay said different Sergeants would be assigned to the three-shift system to actually monitor their performances to see how best they could deliver as for as community policing was concerned.
“Kenema is not new to most of you, some of you were recruited from [here] and you are quite aware of the terrain and much is expect from you,” she said.
She cautioned them to be mindful about the police force, “as there are bad elements in the police force that may try to hinder your professionalism by getting you into duties that you are not supposed to do”.
AIG Elizabeth Turay concluded: “You have to be very much professional in whatever you do, we expect much positive performance from you and the community too expects much from you as now police is termed as police for good.
I wish you all well.”

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