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Aftermath of Cassada farm robbery … Ex-SLA Nabbed

Few weeks after a serious robbery at ‘Cassada’ Farm precisely at number 4e ‘Cassada’ Farm, the Caretaker of the residence yesterday fingered one of the armed robbers during the Leone Stars training at the National stadium.
The practice came to an abrupt halt when John Momodu, the caretaker approached one popular Ex- RSLAF officer whose real name was not known but he is commonly called ‘Screw Face’ accusing him that he -Screw face was one of the 15-man armed robbery team who raided their residence at Cassada Farm.
The Caretaker solicited the aid of Police PC Albert B Faulkner, who is also the Sierra Leone Police Force Sport Coordinator to help him arrest Screw face as he had already reported the matter to the Police.
The Police attempted to arrest screw face who resisted and launched invectives on the Police.
Immediately, another former Army personnel Franklyn Richards a.k.a. ‘Shegu’ of Barne street Kingtom, formerly staying at Macdonald Street appeared on the scene and joined in bombarding the Police with more invectives and obstructing the arrest of Screw Face.
The Action by Shegu incensed some of the spectators so much so that they decided to help the police carry out the arrest of both Screw Face and Shegu.
Shegun stood his ground manhandled the Police who attempted to arrest him and rained more abuse on the Police.
The spectators could not take Shegu’s unruly behavior any longer and descended on him with fist and kicks, whilst Shegu fought back.
This pandemonium took a dramatic turn when the whole stadium mistook Shegu as a supporter of Adebayor, the Togolese professional who would be playing for his country against Leone Stars this Sunday for the African nation’s Cup qualifying series,
These spectators have described the support of Adebayor as unpatriotic and they all descended on him translating their anger into blows on the body of Shegun.
Screw face had already escaped during the drama. Finally two OSD were able to beat back the crowd and get Shegu to the Adelaide Street Police Station.
P.C Albert said that he will press charges on Shegu for assault on his person and for obstructing him while performing his duties.
Police Constable A.R Samuka is handling the cases.

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