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Gadaffi preaches African Unity

Speaking in what seems to be his usual agitated manner, Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gadaffi punched the wind with his fists shouting in English “ what you need, you need African unity you need Africa to be free from Europe from America, … One African people, one African unity one African army one African currency one African identity.”
Addressing thousands of Sierra leoneans who had gone to the national stadium to listen to him, the Libyan leader explained that, for over 40 years we used to have the Organisation of African Unity summits.
Nothing has changed in the African reality” he said “because the future and destiny of the continent was placed in the hands of rulers only.” These people he explained went behind closed doors in a meeting and “either they agree or disagree and this is reflected upon everyday Africa.” The peoples knew nothing he maintained “this should be changed”
“Now is the time for the voice of the African people to be heard … the voice of the youth the voice of the women, the voice of all men and women should be heard, and should take a decisive decision for the future and destiny of Africa” he said through an interpreter
He stated “From now on henceforth African future, African destiny will not be decided by a few number of African rulers.
In Libya, Bamako and Guinea over the past few days they took the decision, and now it is the time for Freetown to take the same decision and then it will be the turn of other forces in Kampala South Africa and Senegal he said.
This he said shows that Africans are moving ahead, “time is running quickly … Europe is uniting.”
This is a very serious challenge that we are facing, he said adding that “America is already a big power, South America is uniting, Asia also is uniting in many blocs and groupings.”
Looking back he said “In the past we were not aware, we left our destiny to be decided by our rulers they did not do anything they have not done anything and they did not even agree.”
As a result he said “tens of years were wasted and the OAU was a failure.
“The OAU failed to achieve unity,” he said explaining that “the aim of the organization used to be the OAU (Organisation of African Unity,) but as a matter of fact it did not achieve unity, it means that it has failed.”
The question now he said is “should we allow the African Union to fail the same way the OAU failed in the past?” he asked.
“This is a question that is left to the African people to decide, and the answer for sure is no.” he said adding that “we do not want the African Union to fail in the same way the OAU failed before.”
Now he said “we are marching towards Accra not in the usual way as rulers only but now we are going forward marching with the masses with the African masses that are enlightened today”
Colonel Gadaffi stated “We don’t want to start again at the doors of Europe, we don’t want to become beggars in America, we don’t want to be slaves once again, we want to be free, we want this continent to be strong as others (and) this can only be achieved through unity, through a strong uniting mechanism a real one.”
“This is the crossroads we are at” he said “this is the junction we have reached so far either to fail or to succeed. To be dead or to be alive, to be or not to be.”
Turning to the issue of migration of African youths, the Libyan leader said “It hurts my soul that I see young people in Africa, that they cross the sea in those old boats dilapidated, they cross the Libyan shores going towards Europe, and they drown in the Mediterranean sea and they become feed to the fish of the Mediterrenean and this will be news in the European newspapers and European broadcasting services.”
“This should come to an end right now” he emphasized admonishing the youths “you should not emigrate to Europe either you live or die in Africa.”
He stated that “The African continent is the richest continent in the world, how come that the people of Africa even though it is rich are beggars, how come that a rich continent are beggars?” he asked.
He explained “Europe is full, because Europe is full they occupied Africa because they want to take the resources and the raw materials of Africa to their own continent. They will benefit from the agriculture of Africa” he said.
“We in Africa” he went on “we have gold we have diamonds and other minerals we have all the resources but they are not exploited because Africa is not united, because Africa does not have the technical know how to achieve this.”
“These days we are standing at the cross roads, we have before us a very serious historical determination to be or not to be for the African continent, it is now the hour for us to take a decisive action for the African continent, now is the right time for real deployment of the African peoples all of them young men women youths” he stated.
“In Accra in a few days time” he urged “the voice which should be heard should be the voice of the people and not the voice of the governments.”
“What do African people need or want? African people need unity for the African continent they need power for Africa they want peace for Africa, they want stability for Africa” he said.
The Libyan leader pledged to encourage Islamic chairities to open an office in Sierra Leone so that they can help the people of Sierra Leone.
He pledged to help the refugees come back and restart their lives and the victims of the civil war to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives.
He however maintained that “assistance cannot make the future or destiny of any people.”

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