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Civil Society ends regional confab in Kenema

The Civil Society Movement has ended a two-day eastern region delegates’ conference at the Holy Trinity Parish in Kenema with the election of an executive forming part of the programme.
Patrick Adu, the chairman of the occasion, gave a brief background of the civil society movement in Sierra Leone, and also catalogued how it had worked in restoring peace and democracy in the country.
The development adviser at ENCISS, Cibil Bailo, outlined some key issues to be considered by the civil society movement. These, he said, included the building on information sharing, women inclusion, human rights issues and security.
After the elections, Augustine Sannoh went unopposed as the regional chairman. The post of secretary went to Sahr Soluko to be assisted by Doris Kallon who also went unopposed while Isha Hamid secured the post of treasurer. 
The regional chairman-elect, Augustine Sannoh, said the civil society movement in Sierra Leone “is moving in the right direction,” He however called on members’ support through which, he said, they would succeed in any of their undertakings. 

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