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Kabbah tells army to eschew politics

Performing his last official function as Reviewing Officer at the Armed Forces Training Centre at Benguema barracks, President Kabbah warned the army to eschew politics.
He cautioned them: “as we approach  elections, as Commander in Chief let me remind you that you must remain outside politics and fulfill your constitutional responsibility in support of the police to preserve peace and security in the country’’
President Kabbah also reminded military personnel of their training which did not only make them a professional army, but also put them in a better position to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development of the country, peace and stability in the world.
He also said his government took certain measures to make the military a highly motivated and dependable force capable of meeting its constitutional responsibility of protecting Sierra Leone’s territorial integrity against internal and external aggression.
He therefore urged the military to always remember the promise and oath they took to serve the nation.
The deputy Army Chief of Staff, Brigadier Nelson Williams, said the army stood ready to give maximum support to the police to ensure a smooth, violence free, credible and peaceful enactment of the election in consonance with the highest ideals of democratic governance.
He noted that the RSLAF was subjected to constitutional authority and firmly understood its place within democratic Sierra Leone.
Brigadier Nelson Williams stated that the army would help with logistical support to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) as well as serving as a standby force to assist the police within the democratic bounds of military Aid to Civil power.

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