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PMDC accuses SLPP of political manipulation

The People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) has accused the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) of ‘political manipulation’ in order to win the August 11 elections.
This accusation was delivered at an-all-orange Bo Coronation field Saturday by Param Tarawalie of the PMDC.
He disclosed that “there is a list going round the country, which has Charles Margai as Minister of Justice and Chief Benson Suwu as Minister of Sports and which is believed to have been done by the APC as their cabinet.”
He firmly denied whatever is in that list concerning them and associated it with the SLPP as cheap political manipulation.
“I want to tell you that this a very cheap political propaganda of the SLPP to betray and deceive the people of Sierra Leone” he said.
Tarawalie said “the people of Sierra Leone are no longer fools” and that the fools who used to live in the country are dead.
  He went on to state that Sierra Leoneans who are alive today are as “awake as Charles F Margai.”
He advised the people not to take the list with seriousness. He concluded: “We the PMDC have come, seen and must conquer.”

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