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APC believes in constitutional govt.

The All People’s Congress (APC) in its manifesto says it believes in constitutional government and in the supremacy and inviolability of the constitution of Sierra Leone and the sovereignty of its people.
Reechoing their proposal, Ernest Koroma says [if they form the next] government they are committed to the strict observance and enforcement of its provisions. “APC therefore will conform to the spirit and letter of the constitution,” he notes.
Continuing he states that, “Sierra Leone entered the 21st century as one of the poorest countries at the bottom of the United Nations Human Development index, a condition that was exacerbated by an eleven year civil war. But the courage and resilience of our people, and immense support by the international community, presented to Sierra Leone a tremendous opportunity for change and renewal.
“What emerged in the last ten years however, has been a pathetic and painful picture of socio-economic decline corruption and generally poor governance. The challenge of any incoming government in 2007 will be to reverse this trend, by establishing proper governance and sustainable development, and generally breaking the depressing cycle of poverty.
“In this regard, the 2007 national elections present a decisive opportunity to the people of Sierra Leone to choose the party that will lead the country to the path of progress and development. That party it is now clear can only be the All People’s Congress. No nation can function without the essential elements of peace and stability”. 
The manifesto states that an “APC government will therefore rely on its police and military forces for the internal and external security of the state respectively. We will ensure that these forces are properly trained and equipped to enforce law and order to counter any threats – actual or potential and generally enhance national security.
“An APC government is determined to lift this country from its current state of disrepair and desperation by rebuilding its human resources, its social services and physical infrastructure that will gear the nation towards equitable and sustainable economic growth. Sierra Leoneans will once again see hope for a better future.
“In every nation today, the principles of transparency and accountability and the elimination of corrupt practices are generally recognized as indispensable attributes for good governance. An APC government will ensure the strict adherence to these principles and practices, and will subject itself to an African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and any other international benchmarks.
“Under the principle of separation of powers as provided for in our national constitution, the Sierra Leone Parliament has, in the last ten years, clearly demonstrated an inability to exercise its functions as an institution distinct from the executive. Unfortunately, executive interference, coupled with the pursuit of political party interests has clearly undercut the constitutional role of the legislature.
“In addition to this, general conditions of service for Members of Parliament remain unattractive. This situation will be thoroughly examined by an APC government, and proper and adequate policies will be put in place to make parliamentary work attractive and productive. Our immediate and general concern for our people will be to provide the basic social services which many other countries take for granted, but which our people continue to be deprived of. Necessities such as affordable staple food (rice), electricity, water, basic health care, an expanded education system, and jobs for the bulging numbers of unemployed youth. All these will be our focus.
“This 2007 APC agenda for change is our manifesto. It clearly presents our deep understanding and appreciation of the aspirations of our people for a better future for themselves and their children. In presenting our objectives and strategies for change, we are keenly aware of the challenges and limitations that will face a new government in its efforts to fulfill the demands and expectations of its people. We have therefore presented, in this manifesto in the honesty and humility, our priorities and areas of focus in the immediate and long term.

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