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PMDC wants a disciplined Salone

Leader of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), Charles Margai, says in his party’s manifesto that his would-be government will be looking for a disciplined Sierra Leone with law and order prevailing.
He says appropriate measures will be taken (with the necessary reforms put in place) to satisfactorily enhance effective governance. Also security, law and order would prevail taking into cognizance the fact that this nation has barely come out of war, and that the maintenance of security, law and order are paramount, which is one of the Movement’s policy goals.
Mr Margai maintains that priority will be given to security and translates it to include the welfare of the masses in order to avoid mass discontent.
To achieve this, PMDC will provide the wherewithal for the Armed Forces and Police to ensure effective and efficient performance in the conduct of their duties: protecting life and property; law and order enforcement; adequately and effectively handling home-grown insurgency; protecting the nation against external aggression.
Also the PMDC, he stresses, will ensure adequate policing of the country’s porous borders, which shall be paramount to national security strategy to control smuggling, illegal cross-border activities, money laundering, human trafficking and security threats across our borders.
Secondly he promises to make sure that immigration for national stability becomes a priority area.
“A PMDC government shall set up mechanisms for the sharing of information on security and trans-national crime with modalities put in place to ensure effective control…The PMDC leader believes that the rule of law is a sine qua non for any democratic society. It is the cornerstone for good governance leading to a stable society. PMDC is committed to upholding the rule of law and guarantees a free, open and just society,” the manifestos echoes.
Continuing, Mr Margai maintains that “a PMDC government will ensure the independence of the judiciary as opposed to what obtains now and had long been. Reform the judicial and justice system to make them more efficient, effective and attractive. Embark on comprehensive legal reforms to address the imbalances in our society, including a review of the Public Order Act No. 46 of 1965. Guarantee the constitutional and democratic rights of all citizens….”

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