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Sierra Leone needs political change – CPP

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) leader, Andrew Turay, in his party manifesto calls for political change if the country is to develop.
“After 45 years of independence, Sierra Leone has very little to show in terms of achievements and development. Rather, the governments into whose care that we entrusted Sierra Leone, presided over the systematic destruction of all of the systems and structures that our British colonial masters left behind.
“Most of these destructions took place before the 10 years civil war. The war exacerbated some of the destruction, but even after the war the same destructive paths are being followed.  This simply means that Sierra Leone is about 45 years behind in post-independence development. It could take up to 45 years to catch up with this lost development if the country does not have an enlightened, sincere and dedicated leadership at the level of the Presidency.
“These are the reasons why the CPP strongly believes that it has become absolutely necessary for Sierra Leone to have an injection of new political blood at the level of the Presidency and Parliament.
“What this country has inherited after 45 years of independence is glaringly clear: Deeper divisions among the regions; Deeper divisions among the ethnic groups; Stagnation, decline and decay of the economy and other productive sectors of the country due to chronic mismanagement and corruption; Destruction of both the public and private sector infrastructure and institutions; a senseless 10 years civil war, which resulted in the killing of over 150,000 innocent citizens, the chopping of the limbs and hands of over 15,000 people; the destruction of moral society; bad governance; institutionalised corruption, and frustrated and traumatised people
“What Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans now need is change, a new political party and government that is sensitive and care for the needs of the country and her people and is be able to introduce the following: efficient governance so that the country’s development goals and aspirations are achieved within the shortest possible time; eradicate the chronic and entrenched vices of corruption, nepotism and tribalism in every strata of society; foster national understanding among the ethnic groups and regions of the country. This should be the ultimate goal that will assist in maintaining lasting peace, stability, development and economic growth. “Plan and implement viable and targeted programmes that would promote accelerated internal economic growth for the overall development of all sectors of the economy; properly plan and re-build the national physical and social infrastructure and support services that are pivotal to the country’s national development.
“Revitalise the productive sectors of the country so that the country’s natural resources (minerals, agriculture and fisheries), which were a source of foreign exchange, employment and associated small, medium and large-scale businesses, could once more become the country’s engine for economic growth.
“CPP will promote and expand the private sector so that it becomes the mainstay of the economic growth of the country,”

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