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Energy minister urges all to pay bills

As the alternator of the Kingtom power station mysteriously went up in blaze, the minister of energy and power, Lloyd Ado During has urged Sierra Leoneans to pay their bills especially now that the ministry needs money most to repair the generator’s burnt alternator. In his reaction to the question that people might refuse to pay their bills now that the power station was experiencing a major break down, the energy minister stated that, “no customer would tell me that…”  Mr During explained that, “today (Wednesday) I saw a Le98 million bill sent to a customer, this clearly shows how much electricity the National Power Authority (NPA) has generated with the help of government.”  The minister stated that even though the Sulzer 4 machine alternator had been burnt down, the other machines were operational, but at the same time noted that the fire incident at Sulzer4 would affect power distribution

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