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Freetown youths appeal to Politicians

Youths of Central Freetown have made an plea to the newly elected government of the All People’s Congress (APC)
These youths, who call themselves the Spring Water Development Organization (SWDO) of the Sibthorpe, Frederick, Ambrose Streets and Regent road axis highlighted in their plea, the issues of Adult education, Capacity Building and above all the improvement of the only source of water (Spring Water) they have in the area during the dries.
Underground water which pours into two wells, situated between Frederick and Ambrose Street, are the only sources of water for the people’s domestic consumption in the thick of the Dry Season.
It has been a long time since Guma Valley Water Company ever supplied any drop of water throughout the year.
The situation is most grave during the Dry Season, and up to now the people can’t find a way out.
The water points are at present manned by the SWDO youth organization which has been responsible for the cleaning of the area surrounding the wells for a small fee of Le100 which they collect from users.
The youths have even fenced and cemented one of the wells.
Mohamed Kamara one of the organization’s executive members opined: “We have done a lot but we will like the government to intervene.”
He emphasized that the waters should be improved upon, because they will save a lot of money for the people, which are now spent to purchase clean drinking water.
“It costs us a lot to purchase drinking water everyday when we eat” he concluded requesting “Please, we are asking the government of the APC to help us or you bring in investors to invest on these waters.
We kept on crying to the past government but we saw no help coming.”

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