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RUF trial to commence soon

Justice Bankole Thompson of Trial Chamber 1 of the Special Court yesterday informed both the Prosecution and Defence teams of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) indictees that the trial will continue from Thursday 4th of October.
During the status conference, the Judge said that the Chamber on the 22 July granted the request made by the third accused Augustine Gbao requesting that his lead counsel Professor Andrea O’Shea be replaced and so the court appointed John Camay as the lead counsel.
Also disclosed at the conference was that the defence intends to putt forward a total of 287 witnesses.
The Defence team for Issa Sesay has 149 core witnesses, whereas Morris Kallon has 83 and 55 core witnesses for Augustine Gbao. 
Justice Thompson recommended that the defence team considers reviewing their list “and make a determined effort to reduce your witness list” given the time at the disposal of the court.
First accused Issa Sesay’s lead counsel Wayne Jordash told the judge that their own case is different from that of the prosecution, being that their case is substantially bigger.
Asked about the health of the accused in detention, the defence counsels stated that their clients were all in good health and that the first and third accused were not present in court because they are too tired or busy with some work.
The case against the three RUF indictees started in July 2005, and on August 26th the prosecution closed its case after presenting 86 witnesses.
The defence trial started with the fist accused testifying in his defence.

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