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Nigerian war ship to show support for Ernest

The Nigerian High Commission has announced that two Nigerian navy ships “NNS ARADU” and NNS NWAMBA are expected to berth at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay in Freetown for a three-day diplomatic visit between September 29 and October 1.
The High Commission stated that the visit is to show friendship and diplomatic support for the new government of President Ernest Bai Koroma.
The NNS ARADU is the largest frigate in the Nigerian Navy, measuring 126m in length with a tonnage of 3,600 ton. The ship is equipped with surface-to surface missiles and anti-craft missiles. It is also said to have underwater warfare capabilities.
The High Commission disclosed that the NNS ARADU was part of the ECOMOG intervention Force that removed the military juntas in Sierra Leone in 1998 and that it played a major role in evacuating former President Tejan Kabbah when junta forces overran the State House in 1999
NNS ARADU and the other ship in company NNS NWAMBA are under the Command of Capt. J.O. Olutoyin and Capt. M.O. Afolabi respectively.
The two ships according to the High Commission are returning from Brazil where they took part in the Brazilian Navy Centenary Celebrations with other Navies of the world.
The Nigerian High Commission revealed that while in Freetown, the Commanding Officers of the two ships will pay courtesy calls on Senior Military/Defense Authorities, visit places of interest as well as visit orphanages and rehabilitation centers with donations and gift items.
The High Commission also announced that a number of activities are also lined up onboard the ships on Monday 1st October to mark the 47th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria. The Navy ships will leave for Nigeria on 2nd October.

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