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Methodist Churches to address youth problems

Rev. Archer Campbell has disclosed that they intend to address youth problems in the church’s youth week commemoration.
Speaking to Awoko yesterday, Rev Campbell explained that the theme of this year’s celebration was ‘youth and unemployment.’
The reason for choosing this theme, he explained, “is in accordance with the All Africans Council Churches (AACC)’s theme”.
He continued, “Youth unemployment is a major problem not only in Sierra Leone but in the whole sub-region.”
Rev Campbell explained that there were so many social problems which had direct relation to unemployment.
“We usually sit back and ask what the government is doing, but as stakeholders we should do our own bit to ensure that we combat this problem,” he noted.
He explained that, “we intend to address the issue of unemployment by getting youth engaged in agriculture; skill trainings, and capacity building through advocacy.  Our immediate plans are to talk about the burning issue of youth unemployment, and engage the youth to identify areas where they think the church might come in to render its assistance”.
The Rev explained that the youth week was an annual event “which starts on the first week of October every year.
This year the youth week would climax by a grand service on Sunday.”

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