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Parliament ends debate today

Parliament will today end the five allotted days’ debate on the motion of thanks on the speech of the President on the state opening of parliament.
Debating yesterday on the motion of thanks to President Ernest Bai Koroma, Hon Musa Tamba Sam of the SLPP said the president was sincere to have recognized the strides of the Tejan Kabbah led former government in the areas of setting state institutions.
Cataloguing some of the strides, he mentioned that the past government ended the war, returned refugees and displaced persons home, reconstructed and rehabilitated homes, re-established local councils and returned the country to multi party and constituency elections.
He however questioned the mechanisms that would be used by President Koroma in fighting corruption.
The deputy majority leader of the APC, Hon Sheku B.B Dumbuya said the APC had prepared for victory three years ago for which the President had set targets for development of the country.
He referred to the speech of the President as removing the country from stagnation to vibrancy. “There is no more place for voluminous speeches and the people are tired of political dissection. We are looking out for positive action and the SLPP was a catalogue of failures for which they received a monumental defeat”, he said
The deputy majority leader also contributed that unlike the SLPP which misplaced its priorities and political ineptitude for 11 years, the APC had set a performance target
for all ministries.
Hon Edward Amin Soloku and Hon J.Magnus Lavallie of SLPP called on the President to maintain and work on the state structures in place, whilst Hon Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah of the APC urged colleagues to work in the interest of the state and to support the President to make Sierra Leone a better place.

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