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As energy minister says… No More Kabbah Tigers but Koroma Light in July 2008

New energy minister, Haja Afsatu Kabbah, has announced that the completion date for Bumbuna Hydro electric dam will be in July 2008.
Explaining the holistic approach undertaken by President Koroma in ensuring that electricity was restored, she said “the President had visited the NPA stations, the Bumbuna dam and also the sealing of the envelope with donors of 30 million euro for the completion of Bumbuna”
The Italian Government contributed 12m euro, Africa Development Bank 6m euro, DFID 7m euro and the Government of Sierra Leone contributing 5m euro for the Bumbuna project to be completed.
The minister also said  Bumbuna was nearly 90% completed as of now and commended the management  leadership demonstrated by the President in the energy sector, not only by physically paying visits to the electricity generating areas, but by absolutely making the electricity issue a priority.
“The President did not only went to Bumbuna but visited the NPA stations at Kingtom and Blackhall Road to see the thermal plants for which he has in his mind that Bumbuna and all the other hydro potential is our sustainable energy in the future,” she said.
She explained that when the President visited Kingtom they discovered that the Mitsubishi machine was faulty and its spare parts worth about $115,000 had stood there in abandonment which could have supplemented the electricity problem in the city.
“The President has said his utmost priority was energy which is a knock on effect on the role of the economy which means when energy moves, the whole sector moves” the minister affirmed.
Haja Afsatu Kabbah cautioned Sierra Leoneans to be patriotic and to desist from stealing of NPA cables which, she said, if the vision of electricity was to be actualized, “no cables should be stolen, no poles should be cut down, all staff should be patriotic”.

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