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Another side of the Halimatu story

The death of eighteen years old Halimatu Kamara of 34 Fudia Terrace, Spur Loop in Freetown, has spurn lots of conspiracy theories by many people in Kenema city and its environs. 
To get at the root of the matter, Awoko paid a visit to the Humble Cottage Guesthouse at 15 Kandeh Street.
Speaking to the receptionist at the Humble Cottage Guesthouse, Yayah Turay, he explained that he received two guests on Friday 19 October 2007, at around 9pm and checked them in. They were Victoria Jaret of 17 Ferguson Street in Freetown and Halimatu Kamara, and that both provided one cell phone number and that they were provided a self-contained room.
Mr Turay further explained that the following morning when he entered the guests’ room for cleaning he met the entire room in a mess with vomit all over the place. He then went to his boss, Michael Kamara, for soap to clean the room and then explained the health of one of the guests to him who advised them to seek medical advice.
The receptionist then led them to the nearby “Doni Doni” pharmacy where they complained about the vomiting and some treatments were administered to her.
They passed two nights at the Guesthouse and her condition was deteriorating and then they were requested by the management of the guesthouse to return to Freetown.
Since they were at the hotel one Sedie Sandy was visiting them.  The guests then took off for Freetown by 11pm.
 “I have to accompany them by holding their bags to the Abess commercial bus that usually left Kenema very late for Freetown,” Yayah explained.
She was then allocated the back seat behind the driver with her friend beside her, while the windows of the vehicle were opened for her to get ventilation, but her condition worsen which became a concern to all passengers in the bus who then requested that she must be taken to the hospital immediately.
Her friend, Victoria, then took out her cell phone and made a call and then came a vehicle, “which we all boarded and drove to the hospital. She was admitted immediately and Dr Rogers started treating her,” Yayah  said and disclosed further that he heard one of the nurses saying that the patient was not responding to treatment and that she was a diabetic patient.  She passed away after two hours in the hospital on Monday morning, 22 October 2007.
“This is what I told the police,” Turay told Awoko. 
The owner, Michael Kamara, said the two guests were treated equally as others and that the guesthouse was till operating to the public.

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