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Acha Kamara replies SLPP MPs

Inspector General of Police, Brima Acha Kamara, has replied to queries from the minority party (SLPP) members in parliament about the police jubilating on the day the presidential results were announced.
Since the debate in parliament started on the motion of thanks to President Ernest Bai Koroma on the speech delivered at the state opening of Parliament, the minority SLPP queried that the police jubilated on the day the results were announced.
Also to their dismay, they questioned the impartiality of the police boss by his statements after the looting and vandalization of the SLPP party headquarter office, to which the I.G claimed it was looted by some ex-fighters lodged at the office by the SLPP.
Some of the SLPP MPs went to the extent of referring to the police as “the dancing police”, thus questioning whether it was a force for good they (SLPP) invested so much in.
At a police press conference, the I.G replied by asking: “are the police not human beings? I have said it on radio that there are APC policemen as well as SLPP officers and you cannot control one on his emotions”.
He again asked, “is it because they are on the losing side?”
The Western Region police commander, S.I.S Koroma, interrupted that the police jubilated because they were successful in not only policing the elections but to oversee the smooth democratic process.

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