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Kenema city council staff down tools

Workers of the Kenema City Council (KCC) on Wednesday embarked on a sit down strike, demanding that they would not go to work until their four months’ salary plus a month’s backlog were paid.
The activities of the council were on standstill as all the junior staff sat in groups outside the council’s office, singing songs in which they asked the authority to pay them their salaries.
The aggrieved workers alleged that their authorities were just embezzling the money which the council collected, saying that from the market dues alone they collected over one million one hundred thousands Leones everyday.
They vowed not to go to work until something was being done. An emergency meeting was summoned with members of the municipal and local government employees’ union together with some members of the aggrieved workers by the Council Administrator, Mustapha Koroma, at his office. Mr Koroma called on the workers to see reasons and exercise some amount of patience as they were looking into their concerns. He stated that the problem was not created by them as they inherited it.

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