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ONS meet to settle boundary dispute in Kenema

The Office of National Security (ONS) has held a meeting   at the Provincial Secretary’s office in Kenema in a bid to resolve the boundary dispute between Jawei and Malema chiefdoms in the Kailahun district.
The Provincial Secretary east, Lansana Salia Magona who  chaired the occasion, welcomed delegates  from the ONS in Freetown and the two Paramount Chiefs,  Pc Joseph Lamin Ngevao of Malema chiefdom and PC  Musa Ngombugla Kallon of Jawei chiefdom, and their local authorities. In his opening remarks the chairman, Lansana Magona, said the purpose of the meeting was to settle the boundary dispute between Jawei and Malema chiefdoms in the Kailahun district.
The Director of Cabinet and Parliamentary affairs, Ahmed Sannoh, disclosed that the dispute between Jawei and Malema had become a concern to President Ernest Bai Koroma, and that it was the responsibility of the ONS’ coordinator to settle the problem immediately.
He added that President Bai Koroma had seen it necessary to carry out the duty, which the former president started as long as they were important for national development.
He cautioned all that there would be no development in any chiefdom where there was no peace and security.
The acting Director of ONS, Ishmael Tarawally, disclosed that the government had included police personnel and the military, as they were responsible for the security of the nation.
He said the past administration started to amend the problem though most people violated the law due to lack of documentation but he assured them that this time there was going to be documentation.  
Both Paramount Chief Musa Kallon and Pc Lamin Ngevao said they were ready to accept the president’s idea and respond to it positively as they were ready for peace within the two chiefdoms.

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