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SLPP gives another headache in Parliament

The Sierra Leone People’s Party MPs yesterday posed another headache not for the approval of the Bank Governor but that of the new Anti Corruption Commissioner (ACC).
The appointed ACC boss had gone to parliament for approval only to be faced with concerns raised by the SLPP MPs, not about his appointment but the conduct of the appointment and public service.
The SLPP MPs had raised concerns that they were not served with the report of the committee nor minutes of the committee on their last sitting.
They also said even though they were served with the committee’s report few minutes to debate, they were objecting for not being served any report or notice which would enable them know what to debate.
The committee’s chairman, Hon Edward Turay of the ruling APC, informed MPs that the report was not prepared due to break down of the computers.
But Hon Dr Brima Kamanda of SLPP objected and complained that, “we have been accepting one excuse to another and we need to be given sufficient notice so that we should receive copies from the appointment, go through it and prepare ourselves for debate. Reports have been given to us minutes to debate we accepted it, now we are here with no reports, no notice for which we do not know what we are coming to debate”. Hon Dr Bernadette Lahai of the SLPP moved the motion for an adjournment of the debate, stating that the inability of the Appointments Committee in producing reports to MPs.  The motion was seconded by Hon Khabenje for which it was thrown to the floor for votes and those in favour surpassed those against.  The acting deputy speaker, Hon Chukuma Johnson, adjourned the debate to today.  The appointed ACC boss, Abdul Tejan Cole, said he was only called to parliament and declined to comment but said he would do so after his approval.

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