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WFP calls for connection between hunger, health

As the world commemorates World AIDS Day tomorrow, the World Food Programme (WFP) has called for attention on food as medications cannot work without good food.
In a release to commemorate the day, WFP notes that billions of dollars have been spent on the treatment of the virus especially the anti retroviral treatment but they forget to note that the people should receive these treatment lack food and clean water. And these medications can actively work when these people have good food.
It further states that the issue of hunger and malnutrition should not be over looked as this aid in the battle against AIDS.
The deputy executive director, Sheila Sisulu, says “why should we write off the benefits of medical interventions simply because people are too undernourished to absorb and benefit from the drugs they desperately need.”
According to the release it has been discovered that people with HIV have special nutritional needs.
WFP has been the first organization to have provided food assistance alongside ART in poor areas, and now supports ART programme in 16 countries in Africa, reaching over 182,000 beneficiaries.
Food, the release goes on, plays important role in helping families and communities to support orphans and vulnerable children as they have assisted children in shelter, vocational training programmes, foster parents and grandparents caring for orphans.   
To mark the event, WFP will participate with the National HIV /AIDS     Secretariat to show its support.

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