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Cold storage promised continued satisfaction

Taking journalists on a tour to their plant, the management of Freetown Cold Storage Company (FCSC) have promised to continue giving their consumers “the best satisfaction” in product availability and quality.
In his presentation about the processing of their drinks the Quality Champion man, Edward Abib said they produced 12 carbon dioxide drinks in returnable bottles.
The process of producing their product, Mr Abib disclosed, included the primary and secondary cleaning of the containers.
The purpose of his process he went on “is to deliver clean and sterilized bottles for filling. We also have the sighting station that is responsible for the removal of foreign particles in the bottles. And during the process there is also the syrup preparation, the mix and filling process.”
The Quality Champion man stated further that during the preparation the water used is the country’s source which is the Guma water. He said the water is sent to their international partners to test the quality he said even when Guma certifies the water, Cold Storage would treat it further to meet their own standard “which is stiffer than the WHO standard.”
The Technical Manager Joseph Owusu-Dusali said the FCSC put systems in place to meet the standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which is tasked to settle standard for all products.He said the coca-cola company exists to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by the business.
“As quality is more than just something we taste or see or measure, it shows in our every action. We relentlessly strive to exceed the world’s ever-changing expectations because keeping our quality promise in the marketplace is our highest business objective,” the technical manager said.
He said that in April they were audited by an independent bureau and “we can proudly say we passed the first phase. By next year we hope to achieve the full certification in quality and phase one in environment.”

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