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Chinese to offer free eye care and fibroid services

Health and Sanitation Minister Dr Soccoh Kabia has officially re-launched a women’s health care project initiated by the Chinese Medical Team in Sierra Leone at the Kingharman Road Government Hospital in Freetown.
Delivering his keynote address, Dr Kabia described the eye as one of the valuable parts of the body.
He said that loss of human sight is an economic disaster and applauded the Chinese Embassy and government for offering Sierra Leone free cataract and gynaecological tumour surgeries at the Kingharman hospital.
Dr Kabia told his audience that women’s health features is in the government’s development priority plan of action, and expressed gratitude and appreciation to Ambassador Chang Wengu for his keen interest in promoting health care delivery service in the country.
He said he was launching the second phase of the project, pointing out that 250 cataract eye care cataract surgeries were done during the first phase.
According to the minister, the Chinese Medical Team comprised nine specialists of different disciplines, whom he said would work successfully with their Sierra Leonean counterparts.
He assured the Team of his ministry’s support, hoping that the bilateral relationship between the two countries would continue to grow from strength to strength.
The Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Cheng Wenju said both the first and second phases of the project were jointly initiated by the Chinese and their Sierra Leonean counterparts.
China the ambassador said would continue to assist Sierra Leone with a view to alleviating its poverty line.

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