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Four denied bail at Lungi Magistrate court

Four accused persons from Maplah village in the Loko Massama chiefdom have been denied bail following an application submitted by the prosecutor at the Lungi Magistrate Sergeant 3999 Andrew Foday Conteh.
Osman Sankoh, Foday Kargbo, Alhaji Marrah and Ibrahim Sankoh were in court on a three-count charge ranging from conspiracy, larceny of cattle and killing of animal with intent contrary to section 4 of the larceny Act of 1916. They are said to have conspired with other persons on 25 November 2007 and stolen a bull valued at Le1.4 million (one million four hundred thousand Leones). According to the prosecutor, the allegations are so serious that there is the possibility they might interfere with witnesses if they were granted bail.

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