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Wilkinson Road: Why are we treated like dirt in our own country?

We have complained again and again about the way and manner the Chinese railway is going about construction on the Congo cross and Wilkinson road project.
We have said time again that these particular Chinese people are treating the citizens of this country as if they are unworthy, less than human beings and downright despicable.
We say so because we do not believe that these people who claim to be road constructors do not have more than two road signs to show diversion of traffic?
What however is most disheartening is that the one lane on leading from the Congo cross roundabout on to the beginning of Wilkinson road slows the traffic flowing into Wilkinson considerably such that the queuing cars pile up on to Brookfields.
The simple reason why this pile up is because of two terrible pot holes cutting across the entire lane. The fact is if these people are good road constructors and have any regard for the citizens of this country then they are capable of and should have simply filled up those potholes even temporarily with stones or mud or whatever and give the motorists of this City at least a near smooth ride which would ease the unnecessary traffic jams and reduce their stress levels.
But no this is not done instead the road is left like that and everyday we see their machines rumbling by and their workers pretending as if they are doing some work when infact they are doing nothing whatsoever.
For this we blame the Minister of Works, because if he understands his duty to the people of this country then he would not allow the Chinese contractors to behave in this way. Therefore it is the Minister who has greatly disrespected the motorists of this city by seeing the right thing and refusing to do for what we do not know?
These Chinese Railway Group will NEVER construct ANY road in China if they do so they will be jailed and the keys thrown away. China has standards and they forcefully and uncompromising enforce those standards. It is impossible for a road to be constructed in even the villages in China without the appropriate signs being displayed. It is criminal in China for a road constructor to construct a sub standard road as is being done here they would not even be allowed to go through one quarter of the project before they are locked up.
If these are the standards in China why should we allow these people to come here and spit in our faces? Is something going on between the Works Minister and the Chinese Railway group that we are not being told about publicly? Why are our Ministers depriving us of the dignity we deserve in this country? Why? Why? Why?

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