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Political sackings is wickedness

It is becoming the order of the day, that the fall out after any political tussle is that civil servants thought to be supporting the opposition are sacked. This is wickedness.
It is bad because Sierra Leone is one country and no one is more Sierra Leonean than the other, therefore depriving one son of the soil from earning his living by working for the government is not only bad but downright wicked.
This is a very bad practice which if not nipped in the bud now may lead to wider complications for our social fabric such that this nation might find it very hard to be unified. We say so because when the APC behaves in this way, when the SLPP take power whether in 2017 or 2022 they will want to revenge. That will mean that some people will definitely lose their jobs regardless of whether they are properly qualified or not. At the end of the day what we have is retrogression instead of progress. These are the stupid things people do believing that these actions will win them political power it will not. In fact those who perpetrate these acts should know that it only serves to harden the offended people’s hearts. It is only a stupid politician who behaves in that way because what sober minded politicians should do is to try to win the hearts and minds of people and not try to antagonize and alienate them.
The claims of people being sacked for their political beliefs are growing and this government must do something to stop this practice. At the end of the day we all have a stake in this country and we all want to see this country stable, peaceful and progressive. Sacking people for their political beliefs cannot establish that instead it can only push us further to the cliff edge from where we have come. Please don’t take us back stop it NOW!

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