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Invitation for Bids

Invitation for Bids
Date: 6th November 2012
Reference: WF024/RFP001
The Ministry of Energy & Water Resources submitted a proposal to the WASH Facility1, to undertake the below study. This proposal was approved. As a result, Adam Smith International, through funding from the UK Government (DfID), and on behalf of the Ministry of Energy & Water Resources, is looking to procure the services of a firm and advisors, to undertake the following:
The project is expected to be undertaken by both a local/regional consulting firm (data collection), who would work directly with expert specialist firm (potentially but not necessarily regional or international). The procurement is split into two Lots, which the bidder may bid for either or both lots. Where the bidder is able to quote for both lots (potentially through partnering between firms), and mobilise appropriate expertise, this would be seen favourably.
? Lot 1: Local firm that would implement the quantitative and qualitative customer survey, respective data entry and cleaning, and all project management and logistics required for the data collection
? Lot 2: Specialised firm that would work directly with the survey local firm, and lead all other aspects of the study, and provide all required technical expertise for the study itself (expected likely to be regional or international, but potentially partnering with local firms)
The local firm and associated consultants (Lot 1) would be expected to have a strong, demonstrable track record in:
? Socio-economic surveys of households, statistical design, survey techniques, survey management, survey data quality control and analysis; in Sierra Leone, and ideally in the field of willingness and ability to pay for services
? Social analysis and ability to apply asset/vulnerability frameworks and collect socially sound information from low income households and women; and
? Extensive project management experience, including implementing projects and working in partnership with international firms or advisors
? Significant expertise in the Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Sector in Sierra Leone, and good knowledge of the urban water supply context in the country
The expert advisors/firm (Lot 2) would be expected to be senior international/regional specialists in the fields of:
1 The WASH Facility is a grant fund, provided by the UK Government (DfID), administered by Adam Smith International, on behalf of the Ministry of Energy & Water Resources, and Ministry of Health & Sanitation.
? Finance and water tariff analysis;
? Undertaking willingness and ability to pay studies
? Institutional and regulatory issues around water tariffs
? Water engineering
Full details of the Terms of Reference and required capacities of the firms/consultants are presented in the bidding documents.
Electronic Bidding documents are available on request from: [email protected].
Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days after bid closing, and shall be delivered by email to:
[email protected]
On or before 6th December 2012 at 9am, at which time they will be opened in the presence of the bidders who wish to attend or their representatives. The bid opening will be at No. 8 Wesley St (off Pademba Road), Freetown

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