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Sierra Leone News: Awoko TokTok: We demand an apology

The news about what happened between the Football Association President and Sierra Leone’s most successful footballer is nothing but disgraceful and absolutely disgraceful.
Since the days of football being played at the old Kingtom grounds and then the Recreation grounds (Recree), which now houses the National Stadium, we have never ever heard of the FA President exchanging blows.
Granted football is such a passionate game that tempers often flip, efforts are made to control such flare ups. Ofcourse the referees wield the red and yellow cards to instil discipline and punish unacceptable behaviour. On the field of play if a player so much as raises a hand against another it is an instant sending off.
For us to learn that football officials on the highest rung of the administration ladder degenerate to such crass behaviour in public is unacceptable.
Indeed given the troubles the association had been going through, this happens to be the lowest level ever that football has been dragged to.
Without attempting to take sides or to cast blame on who did what, the fact of the matter is this is the worst kind of behaviour that people who hold such positions have degenerated to.
When they behave in this way right infront of us spewing unprintable words and trading blows in public, how will they behave when sent outside this country to represent us? When they behave in this way, what examples are they setting for the footballers? Can they claim any
For us we demand that both individuals must offer an unqualified apology to the people of this country for causing us such a national disgrace.
Yes it is a national disgrace because the story has gone viral on the social media and even the BBC has broadcasted it, making it worldwide. What nonsense is this! How much lower into the gutter will this whole mess in our football go.
Call a spade a spade, the truth is this government did not handle the football election well. When our leaders believe that each and everything must be seen through the lenses of either red or green then this is the end result we get.
Now that the government walked with all their senses intact, discarding all proper advice and created this ugly mess they should now clean it up.
If this government is serious about attitudinal and behavioural change then punitive action must be taken in this case to set an example that yes they mean business about people’s behaviour and attitude especially when it involves people who are either in the public eye always or hold public office.
This should be the last straw, we must not allow these individuals to further disgrace us. This nonsense must stop.
This government must decide now to face the wrath of FIFA and dissolve the whole FA, because nothing is happening infact. It is a situation where they should now bite the bullet and overhaul the whole system and begin to re-engineer it again strictly along genuine football terms and not along political party lines.
Tuesday March 10, 2014

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