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Sierra Leone News: Ministry of Finance starts National Portfolio Review 2016

gggThe Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has today commenced the 2016 National Portfolio Review of development projects funded by partners of the Government of Sierra Leone.
The exercise will re-evaluate more than eighty (80) ongoing projects that are directly funded by Development Partners (DPS) across government. The exercise expected to end on 15th February 2016, will review projects funded by the World Bank, the African Development Bank (ADB), the Islamic Development Bank, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), the European Union, IFAD, EBID, SDF, KFAED, AFD, OFID and the China EXIM-Bank.
The review exercise brings together Government Officials and Development Partners to discuss progress made and identify solutions to challenges and bottlenecks faced in the course of implementation to ensure overall success of the projects.
This is aimed at improving government’s absorptive capacity to undertake additional socio-economic development projects in furtherance of its post ebola recovery strategy.
Today, the panel reviewed eight projects currently being implemented in education, health, communication, agriculture and energy.
The following projects were thoroughly reviewed:
? Revitalizing Educational Development in Sierra Leone Project
? Reproductive and Child Health Project II
? West Africa Regional Communication Infrastructure Programme
? Biodiversity Conservation Project
? GEF Wetland Conservation Project
? West African Agricultural Productivity Project
? Sierra Leone Energy Sector Utility Reform Project
? Sierra Leone Energy Access Project
By Sayoh Kamara
Friday February 05, 2016

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