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Sierra Leone News: Brewery products are of high standard and quality – Corporate Affairs Manager

gsssCorporate Affairs Manager of the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL), Albert Ojo Collier has told members of the press and Consumer Protection Agency Sierra Leone (CPASL) that their products are of high standard and quality because they have to meet the international standard before production.
Mr. Collier said Brewery has been around for over 50 years and they are part of the Hieneken family across West Africa, as well as the Diagio family in Britain. All their beer products are connected to Hieneken and stout is with Diagio.
“Before we produce any beer there are certain conditions we have to meet internationally and sometimes we have to send the sample to Holland for verification. This is what is done across the West Coast because our parent body, Heineken International, doesn’t want any product in the market that will affect their standard.”
He said the quality control department of the company is high sensitive and no mistake is allowed from the staff, which can cause the company it proud standard and bad image to the consumer.
Mr. Collier admonished all their consumers to continue to support them because their products are fresh and of high quality. “Don’t believe anybody that tells you that this beer or that one doesn’t have sugar because it is not true, it is just a lie to make sure they sell their products to you.”
The Corporate Affairs Manager reiterated that they have products for both categories of people at all times as they have the Royal products of Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Feyrouz and Maltina. “We also have Star Beer, Mutzig, Heineken, Strong Bow Cyder, Stout, etc. to meet those who want a little bit of extra pleasure.
He said they will never relent and they will continue to produce quality product at all times. He averred that all the factories that were around the Industrial Estate with them have all closed down and Brewery is the only company that is still in operation since the 60s.
He told all present that they have won so many awards of excellence because of their hard work and commitment to the consumers by giving them pleasure, leisure and entertainment at all times.
Friday March 04, 2016

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