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Sierra Leone News: Africa Notebook

Just made it for Valentine’s Day, a moment of fun, romance, love and other things put together. But for a small rural community in Oklahoma, The fun time was lost on the eve.
A dance to celebrate the event was scuttled when the organisers were told it could not be held because the venue was just fifty yards near a church.
The local council pointed out that a 1979 municipal law prohibits any dance whose venue is within fifty yards from any church.
So the disappointed organisers had to fold up the rugs and settled for a house party instead….which fifty yards from the Church of Christ was.
Whether by coincidence, I have been meeting people with strange names of late but I have been able to suppress my giggle so as not to embarrass them or myself by laughing out loud.
Well having lunch or dinner with odd first names as Duck, Ham, Talisman, Cicero and Jupiter not to talk about Old Testament ones as Zedekiah, Temperance and Humility.
Others have flower power names like Harmony, Sunshine and Rainbow while others go for Nevaeh (heaven spelled backward), Genesis and Trinity.
But again, there are also subtle names as Brian, Ryan and Kelvin projected here as Irish Americans to gain a foothold in mainstream society.
East Africans are more adventurous as you’d find names as Savior, Israel, Worship, Gospel and Proverb.
I remember during my secondary school days at the Methodist Boys High School when we had an English teacher, William Deer.
It was puzzling to address him as Dear Mr Deer.
The annual commemoration of Black History month every February rolls on with remembrance events of pioneers such as Harriet Tubman, the first black pilot in America and notables as Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and James Baldwin among others.
In 1976, President Gerald Ford decreed Black History Month as a national observance and urged all Americans to seize the opportunity to honour the often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every endeavour.
Logic, they say may be unshakable but it cannot withstand a man who is determined to live.
Mother Nature is dominant in the south.
The other day at least seven tornadoes slammed in Louisana, flattening houses, wrecked vehicles and left over fifteen thousand residents without power.
Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency when the damage was estimated.
He said, while there was a wide range of destruction, the Lord has blessed us with not a single fatality at this time.
Well, what do you know?
The Washington D.C. local council rejected proposals that would have doubled the salaries of Police Officers to keep them from retiring early or resigning from their jobs.
Whoever said a policeman’s lot is a happy one.
By Rod Mac-Johnson
Monday February 13, 2017

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