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The countdown to spring was snapped when trickles of snow and rain wet most part of the Washington and Maryland communities leaving us to careless about the sightings of the fabled ground hog.
It stemmed a warning that if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.
A couple of activities geared up last week but the outstanding one was on March 8 which was declared as “A day without a woman” (known elsewhere as International Women’s Day.
In the environs of Washington and Maryland, County schools closed for the day as 1700 teachers took leave, the Washington Times reported.
In a last minute decision, municipalities cancelled regular classes apart from teachers, a high percentage of transportation staff including drivers  of school buses, requested leave for the day.
The day, organisers said, was for economic solidarity for women and encouraged all to take the day off, refrained from spending money on none women owned businesses but only shop for groceries.
The impossible is always the untried as most people see things in the present even if they are in the future but determination is the wake up call to the human will.
I was at a public lecture on “putting your best foot forward” The other day and it was revealing as to how important our feet are.
Professor Martini Grover who ran the event that drew repeated applause said - (they) feet hold you upright and get you where you need to go.
“Extra pounds, Crusty socks, do your feet deserve this mistreatment?
They are the only body parts that are almost always in contact with the ground, he says. They tell the brain where you are in space. So when something feels wrong, don’t ignore it.
If your feet aren’t in top shape, your whole body suffers.
Wearing bad shoes can cause a realignment of the joint at the base of your big toe.
Your feet are feats of engineering - each one has 26 bones and 33 tiny joints.
Sometimes, hip pain and back pain actually originate with flat feet.
Well, it is said that age is plainly no barrier to managing money as it is creeping speedily on the rich.
In the United States, about a third of American board members are set at retirement of 75 years and above.
That could leave many with another 20 or 25 years in the boardroom.
Call it the last straws but Police said they are investigating the case of two armed men who held up a millionaire demanding “your money or your wife”, the victim narrated.
The victim said he told the armed men “leave money, take wife” as he said the wife has been nagging him all these years.
Sad news though, over the death of popular Sierra Leonean surgeon specialist Dr Jimmy Melville Garber who was buried in London.
A people’s person, he was popularly known as Kortor during his surgical days at the Connaught Hospital where he gave non paid services to dozens of lactating mothers and pregnant women.
He later worked as a United Nations Medical officer in Samoa in the Pacific and with Dunfermline in Scotland where he was recognised as one of the facility’s top senior foreign medico.
He was survived by his wife, Felicia, a former senior teacher at the FSSG and three children, all resident in London.
By Rod Mac-Johnson
Monday March 13, 2017

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