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Sierra Leone Entertainment: Murtala Inspires’ Salone Next Movie Star’ participants

“Self identification, self discipline and be prayerful,” were the messages the CEO and publisher of SaloneJamboree, Murtala Mohamed Kamara – shared with young Sierra Leoneans who are trying to build a career in acting. This came as a result of a visit made to contestants of the Salone Next Movie Star by a cross section of the SaloneJamboree team on Saturday 20th January 2018. Murtala is a right activist, entrepreneur, journalist and a strong youth advocate who has appeared and participated in many international platforms across the globe. His passion for youth development transcends all boundaries, irrespective of your background, creed or sex. That was the reason he was among the 100 Most Influential Young Africans in 2016.
Murtala has been providing leadership and mentorship services to young people. At the house of Salone Next Movie Star he delivered messages of hope and foresight, which he coined in the thematic note of ‘Self identification, discipline and prayerfulness” in a two hours interactive session.
On self identification, he urged the participants to discover their purposes in life. “What you do that people appreciate more is what you should pay attention to”, he said,”but people are not listening to themselves,” he noted.
Being discipline is the bedrock of one’s path to success, he added. “Lack of discipline is what has destroyed many talents in our country.”
“Prayers unlock difficulties in life,” he went on, encouraging them to be prayerful and be faithful in all they do.
Mr. Kamara explained the role SaloneJamboree has been playing in the entertainment sector of the country, describing himself as the biggest fan of entertainment in Sierra Leone. He said SaloneJamboree had been the foremost media for arts and entertainment in Sierra Leone.
“We are always there to promote talents….make use of this opportunity,” he urged the participants.
Murtala further elaborated on the need for proper packaging and to take advantage of the internet.
“What the internet has done is to bridge the gap of connecting with people, it is now easier to market yourself through the social media, once you get the right package,” he said.
The enthused participants were mesmerized by Murtala’s lectures, thereby prompting more questions for further clarity on how to access and make good use of SaloneJamboree and guide on their career of pursuit.“Mr. Kamara’s lectures came at the right time,” one of them said.
Participants had been visibly weak and frightened by the prospect of getting evicted that, in line with the rules of the competition. The visit and motivational talk by the SaloneJamboree CEO was therefore therapeutic as it helped some regain their strength and hope.
The CEO and Creative Director of Salone Next Movie Star, Mohamed J. Sessy Kamara, appreciated Murtala and the Salone Jamboree team for the visit and the messages of hope and inspiration given to the house. He noted that Murtala had been that personality that’s there to help promote young people, especially entertainers.
Kamara explained the idea behind the Salone Next Movie Star. He revealed that it’s an initiative that emanated from a thought he had few years back.
“I saw talents suffering all over the country. I had to come home and help, though without the pre-fianance to get started,” he said.
“We conducted the first edition of the Salone Next Movie Star in 2017 with Bockarie Kai Saquee as the winner. This is our second edition,” he stated.
Salone Next Movie Star was in its second week of the 21 days in the house. According to Kamara, there were 14 contestants that made it to the house after the national audition, four participants had already been evicted in the first week and they were looking forward to more evictions until they get the star they are looking for. An awards ceremony will climax the reality TV show with prizes to be won.
“We don’t want them to focus on the prizes, but rather pay attention to the trainings they acquire in the house. This will help them after here,” he said.
Friday February 02, 2018.

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