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Sierra Leone Entertainment:’Bone Na Throat lied’,Kabaka

The CEO of the Kabaka Multimedia & Entertainment (KME), Lawyer Abu Bakarr Turay aka Kabaka, has refuted to claims made by a Sierra Leonean rapper - Bone Na Throat (BNT) that KME offered him a contract to sign for the record label, but declined on the grounds that they were too involved in politics. Kabaka’s response came as a result of a publication in Awoko newspaper on the 26th January 2018, where BNT made such claims.
Responding to the allegations, Kabaka vehemently denied any KME contract being offered to Bone Na Throat.
‘Bone Na Throat lied,’ said Kabaka.
‘He had never been offered any contract by KME.
‘He visited our studios on the recommendations of two of my friends - Amadu Lamrana Bah and Malador, to try his talents and probably sign him, but he couldn’t perform to my satisfaction,’ he said.
‘I told him, I will get back to you. Nothing else.’
‘He was the one asking me later, ….what’s next?… but I never responded to him.
Kabaka disclosed that he was not actually looking at his rap skills, but to monetize his brand. ‘I respect his talent. He might be good for others, but not for KME. I was thinking on how we could monetize his trending name, not necessarily his music. But I decided not to do so because of his demeanor,’ he stated.
He further explained how artists become part of the KME label. ‘Our artists go through procedures before becoming part of KME. We first listen to their musics and recommendations from other people.’
He however confirmed that they took pictures together. ‘I normally take photos with any artists who visit our studios, and Bone Na Throat was not an exception.’
Kabaka was surprised that BNT thrives on false accusations.
‘I’m surprised that Bone Na Throat can lie on issues that didn’t happen. But I can understand. KME has become the best music group in the country, and everybody want to be part of it.’
On his alleged political affiliation, he responded in the affirmative.
‘I, Abu Bakarr Turay, I’m political, but KME is not.’ I’m a member of the All People’s Congress party. My business is a different thing.’
‘I’m political,’ he boasted.
‘I’m sure that everyone supports a political party in the country.
‘I have been a member of APC before I formed KME, what’s wrong about tha? Everyone knows that Kabaka is APC.’
He warned BNT to desist from blackmailing him and his brand.
Friday February 02, 2018.

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